29 December 2009

Because I Can.

Just enjoy the cuteness. That's all.

ps: Look at those legs crossed. Little Miss Priss, I love you.

10 December 2009

Until January 13...

...I will be working.

I so wish this had said, "I will be on vacation."

I've neglected this damn blog for weeks now. Why not explain? And leave it be. I don't like feeling guilty.

The semester is coming to a close, but I have so much work remaining for commissioning/ordination/probationary paperwork. So much. I've got some preaching dates in the coming days, too.

I leave you with these fun pictures to get you through. These are good. Real good. My friends played with the sculpting ball while I cooked for them. Best entertainment as I worked from the kitchen. Loved every second. I got some good friends. And they know how to bring the laughs.

Advent blessings. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. And the hope of a peaceful New Year.

ps: Best part, my last semester starts January 11. There will be no break. And the work just keeps coming. But I will be back. Just don't hold your breath.