31 January 2009

from the library of...

Talking about a good buy. I spent over an hour stamping my books last night. I have lots and lots and lots of books...and I didn't even get to all of them. 

I've been looking for a good way to mark my books (with some contact information) without using labels or markers. This is an awesome self-inking stamp because it is affordable!

Plus, I can loan books to others and know I will get them back. Highly recommend to all my student and (soon-to-be) pastor friends. 

Stamp upon stamp,

30 January 2009

Photo Friday

Zim's Bagel Bakery
Athens, GA
Fall 1993-January 2009

My favorite place to grab a bagel and 
lunch in Athens is closing TODAY.
They only announced this on Monday.
So, I dedicate Photo Friday to Zim's Bagel Bakery.
Where will I get my everything bagel now?
Where will I meet Missy and Cali?
My little heart is broken. But just for today. 

Bagel upon bagel,

29 January 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is your day. 
Do whatever the hell you want. 

Joy upon joy,

27 January 2009

Why I am a vegetarian...

Ever wonder why I don't eat meat? 
Why I have been a vegetarian for over ten years? 
Here is one good reason. I say really good. 
Great in fact. 
I hope I've made some converts. 
Say no to meat. And eat your veggies. 

Love upon love,

26 January 2009

sweet treat...

So good... So yummy... 
And not too much fat?

I love mint and dark chocolate together. It makes me happy. Especially after a long day. Long day. 


25 January 2009

Sparkletini: Round II

This time: Peach.
This time: I had more help.
(Thanks UMSA buddies!)
This time: It created a convo about the rhythm method.
As always: Yummy!

Laughter upon laughter,

23 January 2009

Photo Friday

June 2008

22 January 2009

Product Placement

I am in love with Etsy. (See mom, I am in love with something.) Best place to find fun, hand crafted, creative gifts. That would be gifts for yourself and others. I like the "yourself" angle. 

These are my latest purchases. I heart this knit hat with curly cue accent. (The curly cue terminology is from the product description, not my own invention.) And I think the flower print laptop sleeve is amazing. Amazing. It has orange fleece lining. Even if I am cold, my computer will be warm. 

My new favorite past time is emailing my mother with favorite finds. I give her options and then ask for her which she likes. She puts a damper on things by asking the question, "Why? Why do you need this?" But mom! Of course I need the owl print messenger bag in bright yellow. Right? Right. (I didn't really order the above, but I thought about it.)

The best part of the Etsy website is the 15 second update. Just look! Three quarters down the homepage. New product listings are updated every 15 seconds. Best way to waste time in a long class. Wait. I mean best way to spend free time in between classes. Right? Right. 

Enjoy. It will suck you in. I can't stop searching for things. Tell me about your favorite finds. We can compare notes. 

Search upon search,

21 January 2009

Darius Goes West

Please check out the website. The blog is pretty darn hilarious. The story is true. Darius continues to fight. We have an opportunity to learn. 

Because this comes out of my hometown, I know many people who have worked on this project and are close to Darius. Good people helping a good kid. 

Here is another reason to have hope. Here is another reason to see and know there is love. Amen? Amen.

Hope upon hope,

19 January 2009

Oh my! It's so short!

That's what my mom said when I texted her a picture: "Oh my! It's so short!"

I kinda love it! I think it is a good change for a new year. Best part, I got a 15% discount for being a student. 

Love upon love,

Two United Methodist congegations...

Please read this great article about two United 
Methodist congregations in Washington D.C. 
preparing for the inauguration. 

Change is coming. People are full of hope. It is 
time to be united in the Spirit. 
(Yes, I mean for that "s" to be capitalized.)

Something to think about. May this inspire your 
own congregation to reach out and (re)create 
(or maybe continue) the connection.

Connection upon connection,

16 January 2009

Video Friday?

Best commercial ever!  How fun! Life is too short...

Share upon share,

Photo Friday

Recent boot camp survivor and official sailor extraordinaire:
J. Barr
Outside Chicago, IL
January 15, 2009 

15 January 2009

and then I cried...

What an incredible story, friendship, and lesson. 

I'm glad I have one, two, or eight similar relationships. Very different, but deeply connected. 

And yes, one tear. Maybe two. I say for good reason. 

Love upon love,

14 January 2009

I told you...

Look how long it is... 

My goodness. Snip. Snip.

Gone upon gone,

ps: This picture makes my mom so proud. 

13 January 2009


I am in countdown mode. The hair is being chopped off on Monday. Praise Jesus. It won't even curl anymore. I need a change. New Day. New Year! New Me?  

It will definitely be different.  

Eight inches off. Off, I say!  Suggestions welcome on the new style. Donation is going here.

in the colors...

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals: 
In the Colors

12 January 2009

English what?

For all those not in Nashville, the shit has hit the fan here. On January 22 there will be a major vote concerning English Only Referendums. Words cannot describe how detrimental this addition to the City Charter will be. It will damage the economy. Nashville can no longer claim to be an international city because businesses and conventions where other languages are spoken will not be welcome. Contracts can be negotiated in English only. All governmental forms will be in English only. Translators will be cut. I mean unless it is an emergency and all?

On top of all these cons, this is a theological issue. As intern of hospitality I talk lots about welcoming the neighbor and stranger. The English Only Referendum means that Nashville cares about neither, neighbor or stranger. January 22 is coming soon. This issue is raising my blood pressure. But in a good way. This is an issue of hospitality. I hope you welcome your neighbor. And I hope you welcome them in English, Spanish, and any other language they speak. I hear a hello (wave) or handshake or hug works really, really well. That doesn't require words. It requires love. I hope you have open hearts, minds, and doors. Whether in Nashville, Georgia, or across the world, it just requires love.

For more info, please READ this article in the NY Times

Love upon love,

11 January 2009

where all my money goes...

And this isn't even all of them. This is what my semester looks like. Four classes. It stresses me out just looking at this picture. Please let me know if you have read any of them. And if you didn't like it, don't tell me. The semester is going to be long enough. Keep my hopes up. Thanks.

Grace upon grace,

This is good. Really good.

10 January 2009

nerve center...

Best money I ever spent. I mean it. I bought this coffee table, along with two side tables, with my own money. One scratch and half off. I don't have an actual desk or designated work space. Instead I sit on my couch and use this lovely coffee table. It is the nerve center of my life and work. You just wait. Two weeks and it will piled (even) high(er) with books and projects. Bless me. I love this damn table. Thanks for keeping me organized. Sorta. 

Grace upon grace,

ps: Please notice the piles of receipts. So many books for this semester. Proof is coming. 

09 January 2009

Photo Friday

ACT or The Brother
Georgia-Summer 2008

He sorta looks nice and friendly. That's usually true. Well, until the point he sees me (his only sister) after months and the first thing out of his mouth is, "When are leaving again?"

Little sis upon little sis,

07 January 2009


Good story of the day. Really good. I have a bad habit of texting my supervising minister during meetings. Yes. I admit it. I mean we will be ten feet away or be sitting across a table from each other and send texts. I am only telling this story because he let the cat of the bag and told other staff members today. Thanks, John. Jerk. (And while we're at it, "Shut up.") 

Did you get the part where he responds?  He allows this to go on. If he did not respond, I would not continue this habit. That's right. I am putting the blame on him. He is the mentor and all. Right. Mentor and all. Yet he responds. And the habit continues. In all honesty, we even use hand motions or make eye contact to signal responses. Another staff member pointed out that we are pretty darn obvious. John is. I am not. Sneaky. Sneaky. 

So, you may be wondering what the text contained that he shared with others. I simply put, "WTF?"  And I meant it. There was good cause. The meeting was entering the hour and half realm, and I couldn't believe what my ears had just heard. I am talking with other staff today and not one, but two people respond to my pleasantries with: "WTF?"  

Hello. My name is BEAT, and I am a texter. More importantly, I am a texter during meetings. Big deal or weekly, I will probably text you during it. I am trying to stop. Maybe. It gets me through. Plus, the Blackberry makes it so fast and easy. 

Text upon text,

Side note: John gave me a newspaper article entitled, "1943 Guide to Hiring Women."  Before I could get through it, he points out this tidbit.
"General experience indicates that 'husky' girls-those who are just a little on the heavy side-are more even tempered and efficient than their underweight sisters."
 Glad to know my extra few pounds are good for something. And rarely am I called "even tempered."  BTW, John was not calling me husky by pointing this out. I have to say this because he explicitly said it to me. It would have been a great case study, had he not offered that little clarification. Damn you, John. Jerk. (And while we're at it, "Shut up.")

poor plants...

Not poor because I forget about watering them or they are slowly passing away. No, no. Poor plants because they have to listen to me talk to myself, read out loud, and hear phone conversations. My "living" room, which is connected to the dining room and basically the kitchen, is the where I study, write, and live. As you can see, I am truly a great decorator. 

Those plants have the good life, except for having to listen to me. One enjoys the sun so much it is growing up the wall and on a chair. Poor plants. They have become my roommates. And I like them. You know why?  They don't talk back. Poor, poor plants. 

Green upon green thumb,

05 January 2009

favorite snack...


Don't judge. I just like to be organized. And I must really love hangers. And shoes. Notice the color coding. Bless me. My mom taught me right?  Yeah. I'll blame it on her. 

Clothes upon clothes...and shoes,

04 January 2009

THE gift...

My favorite Christmas gift:
Martha Stewart Everyday Yuletide Ornament Collection

Yes, yes. My wonderful mother got the hint. 
I love, love this collection. 
The vibrant colors. 
The unique images. 
And most amazingly, many are made of art felt. 
The tree topper is the best. 

And after Christmas, I went to get more (lots more). 
They were half off. Happy day. A complete set!

Thanks mom. Thanks Kmart. Thanks Martha Stewart. 

Color upon color,

03 January 2009

food processor...

This is my third favorite Christmas gift. 
Created and cooked thus far: 
Basil Pesto and 
Cranberry Sauce with Pearl Onions, Golden Raisins, and Ginger

Side note: Can we talk about my outdated kitchen?
I love, love the old oven, laminated cabinets, and beige countertops
And yes, I do have about 10 different shades of green floating around.
That's apartment life for you. Or me?

Yummy upon yummy,

ps: I'll share my favorite gift soon. I didn't get pictures of it, and I had to leave it at the parents' house. I'm working on it!  

02 January 2009

Photo Friday

Ten Sheet, Cross Cut Paper Shredder
with Credit Card, CD Cutter

Better known as my second favorite Christmas gift...
It's been put to plenty of use over the last 24 hours.*
New upon new,
* It is going to be recycled, promise!

01 January 2009

New Day. New Year! New Me?

 I'm glad I had that serious talk with the mom. A night with friends in LaGrange was well worth the extra two hours in a car. No one was hurt seriously by the fireworks. The girls lasted longer in the cold. We split wins in the board game. And the Sparkletini was yummy! 

Happy upon happy,