17 January 2010

The Return

I am sorta back. We will call it the Slow Return. But I have returned. Thanks to Google for the awesomeness that is Reader. I wake up early, crawl in front of my computer and catch up on "My Blogs." So, I am up-to-date with you. You, however, are not up-to-date with me.

One post will not get us there. But I do have some thoughts for you. These are the random ponderings, questions, and life lessons from the last month. No logical order. Just go with the flow. That brought a smile to my face. I asked you to go with the flow when I rarely ever do anything without resistance. Bless my heart.

  1. Sometimes quantity is better than quality.
  2. I do not recommend driving long distances without sleep.
  3. And I do not recommend making the return trip if sleep still has not occurred.
  4. If for some reason you do have to make a long trip with no sleep, I do recommend short naps along the way at rest stops.
  5. Asking for prayer can be a humbling experience.
  6. Trusting your instincts is risky.
  7. There is no greater feeling than preaching a good sermon.
  8. I have some good (read great) parents.
  9. And I have some loving friends.
  10. Having a broken kitchen sink makes life difficult
  11. I have never been more unsure about the future.
  12. I graduate in less than four months.
  13. Prayer, well, requires willingness to be transformed.
  14. Online shopping is addictive.
  15. I am ready for a trip.
  16. And to graduate.

That's the start of the story. And I'm sticking to it.

06 January 2010

Getting Closer...

...to January 12.