27 November 2009

Photo Friday: VDS Sustainability Dinner

Vanderbilt Divinity School
Sustainability Dinner
Nashville, TN
Fall 2009

An early Thanksgiving dinner with local turkeys, sweet potatoes, kale, cheeses, eggs, and the list goes on! It was lovely and oh-so yummy. The vegan chickpea gravy would be my favorite. Along with the gingerbread cake. I am part of such a wonderful community who cares about people and the earth. Thanks be to a Creator who blesses us with abundant love, fellowship, and food. Amen? Amen.

Now it is just time to pass it on...

13 November 2009

Photo Friday

The Dad
Athens, GA
August 2007

This captures what my daddy looks like 70% of the day. On the phone telling people how it is. Just to clarify, the smile is not normally that pronounced.

Love him,

10 November 2009

Music of the Moment

David Gray

On repeat.

ps: David Gray is the best for writing. You know, because I am starting to use my words again.

09 November 2009

Living With?

Here are my top five things I can't live without at the current moment. Maybe live without is a little strong. How about make life bearable? Easier?
1. Trader Joe's Gingerbread Coffee:
Who needs Starbucks? Yummy, favorable, and bold.
The pick me up. THE pick me up.

2: Origins Oil Controlling Lotion:
A modern miracle? I say yes.
With stress comes not-so-perfect skin.
This stops the dreadful shine. Worth the price.

3. Super Sticky Post-Its:
For the simple pleasure of checking
things off the endless to-do lists.
I enjoy the larger versions.
Good for meetings, notes, and doodles.
Stick on sticky ones.

4. Old Navy Twist Neck T-Shirt:
I have five. I have five in four colors.
Dress them up. Dress them down.
This is my go to clothing item of the semester.

5. Excedrin Migraine:
I blame it on the computer screen I stare at too often.
Plus, they carry a little extra punch with the
added caffeine in all Excedrin products.
Bonus? Why yes!

Share and share alike. What gets you through the day?

06 November 2009

Photo Friday: Espana

January 2005

Where I would love to be...right...now.

05 November 2009

Use Your Words

One of my favorite blogs, Girl's Gone Child, uses the phrase "use your words" for her comments section. The first time I noticed this little phrase instead of the usual "comments" tag at the end of a post, I pondered. That's right, I pondered. I took a moment and thought it over. What an invitation! What a nice little phrase to request another's thoughts on your thoughts.

A few posts back I referenced my current struggle with words. Not only do I not want to use my words, I don't want to think about the words that I could (and should) use. This love -(mostly) hate relationship with words has stretched into all facets of my life. From class assignments to church work, I am tired.

I registered for my last semester of classes last week. I wish it was more bitter-sweet. I do. I wish I was one of those people who lamented the end of a student lifestyle. I no longer find fulfillment in the classroom. Daily I'm surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the academy. I know this. I sit, listen, and learn in awe of their intellect.

I will make it through this period of love - (mostly) hate relationship with words. I have to if I want to pass my classes and get paid from work. Even if it takes locking myself in a small room with no distractions. This process usually includes turning off the wireless on my computer.

The words are there. (God, I hope they are.) I need to get past my own unwillingness and selfish. And realize I am in a time and place that is fleeting and to which (most likely) I will never return.

I'm (re)relearning to use my words. I hope you are using your words. And if you have any, leave some for me. I like the distraction. You know, when I allow myself to turn the wireless back on.

Turning it off,