28 February 2009


Dearest blogging buddies, 

1. I am in Charleston. 
2. I am not going to post again until Thursday or so.
3. Megs doesn't think it will happen. She says my fans will miss me. Is that true?
4. No worries, my loves. I will return. 
5. I need this vacay. I need some rest. I need to laugh. I need to not think about Nashville. Or Vandy. Or the future. 
6. Send me funny stories. Please.
7. Until then, ponder the greatness of this. Because it is so damn amazing. And hilarious. And crazy. And most of all, scary. (It is a little...well...graphic? Please look, but just know it will be a...surprise?)

Sleep, eat, and be merry!

27 February 2009

Fun Fact Friday

There are only two people in the whole United States with the name BT. (If you don't know my name, sorry. I'm trying to use only initials. Privacy and such. You know, because I'm so damn popular on Blogspot and all.) 

B is the 1318th most popular first name in the States. About 20,000 people have this first name. 62% of those being male. I always tell people B is a more popular guy's name than girl's. See, I'm right!

T is the 1170th most popular last name in the States. About 31,000 people have this last name. 

Go here and discover a fun fact about yourself! Share if you wish! 

And I have no idea if this accurate. It was just something to distract me from finishing this last paper that is due by 5:00 pm today. Did I meant I am driving home today? Therefore I will in my car at 5:00 pm today. Hence why I need to complete this as soon as possible. And oh yeah, I am headed to the great city of Charleston tomorrow with a friend to see other friends who live there. And oh my goodness, I need a break. Rest. Laughter. And a remembering spirit. 

So close to Spring Break I can taste it? See it? Feel it? Need it? 

25 February 2009

From dust to dust...

No more online shopping. Or browsing. For f-o-r-t-y days. 

I mean browsing is just like window shopping. If you think about it. (Thanks Heather.)

It takes up lots of free time. And when I say free time, it is actually time that I could be studying, writing letters, talking to my family, and maybe (just maybe) praying for peace. 

Let's hope for less procrastination. Some money saved. I can hope. 

Do you know what it is really about? Consumption. 

See, I have been listening in my Constructive Theology II class. So much, so that I am having to write a sermon about it. I am developing a Potluck Theology. Prepare, share, and eat. Think about it, there are very few leftovers at a Potluck. And you rarely leave a Potluck over stuffed. Open table. Enough for all. But not too much. 

It is really about consumption. I have enough. I don't need to wish for more. Look for more. Ponder more. Or buy more. It so easily ends in buying. 

So, no more online browsing. No Etsy.com. No Old Navy.com. No Patagonia.com. No. More. .Com. 

The other thing, I kinda realized how impersonal online shopping is. I don't have to talk to anyone. No one. Don't have to ask how anyone is. No small talk. No contact. Just me tapping away on my keys. Pulling the credit card out of the wallet. Forgetting about the hassle of waiting in lines.  

If nothing else, I still spend my money. At least I will have to look someone in the eye when I say, "No I don't want to sign up for another credit card."

I hear the Creator is reflected in all creation. In people. In their smile. In their good work...of maybe just being. Just connecting. Giving contact. 

I think I've read something about Imago Dei. The image of God found in humanity. Full of value, not because of their function. Beyond doing. Just being. Just connecting. Giving contact. To me.

No online shopping. Or browsing. I have to keep reminding myself of that second part. 

Less consumption. More human contact.  From dust, back to dust. That is how we are all the same. 

Less material. More being in relationship. We are mortal. That is how we are all the same. 

From dust, back to dust. 

24 February 2009

40 of 365 Part II

One last day to eat your chocolate, drink coffee and tea, Facebook browse, and maybe even blog. I will share my own going without soon. Just wanting to hear from others. And so you know, it can be a time of incorporation. Not just going without. Either way, Lent is upon us. 

40 of 365,

21 February 2009

40 of 365

Ash Wednesday is fast approaching. The holy season of Lent is before us. One of my favorite times of the year. There is a calmness that ensues. The air is filled with a renewed focus. Concentration. Stillness even. 

Maybe it is because people give up drinking coffee (or sweet tea) and eating chocolate.

Maybe it is because there is lots required of the faithful, of disciples during these forty days. 

Prayer. Repentance. Forgiveness. 


Going without. 

Coming into peace. 

Living a gospel of hope, even though you know what happens at the end of the story. The really sad events of death. Death of destructive habits. Death of grudges. Death of the one who loved neighbors, strangers, and enemies. 

Living a gospel of joy, even though you know what happens at the end of the story. This is a different type of anticipation. This anticipation faces death, first. Yet, there is joy in that morning sunrise. There is a new creation. 

A calmness. In the midst of preparation. Anticipation. A waiting that requires strength, will power and...hope. A longing for the moment of restoration. Forty days. Forty days to forgive. 

Ash Wednesday is upon us, friends. A new calm. A time to remember. Going without. Yet coming into a...new...peace. 

40 of 365,

Georgia on My Mind

On days like this: cold, raining, overcast, and typing my life away. On days like this I have Georgia on my mind. See I keep a wooden sign over my front door that says this very phrase. Everyday when I walk out of my apartment it is a reminder. Now I love Nashville. I love it more and more everyday, but it is not the place for me. Georgia is always on my mind. Yes, that is where most of the family and friends are, but there is more to the story. It sounds so evangelical, but I think of my great home state as my mission field. It is the community I am called to serve...love...challenge...pastor...

It is the question I get most often. Well, after the oldie-but-goodie, "Minister? You? A woman? But you'll go to hell." Okay, okay. I only get that last part half the time. That other question, "Where? Where do you want to be? Where will you go?" Georgia. Where am I going back to? Where will I serve? Where is home? Georgia. It is an easy place to be Methodist. Well, at least pseudo-Methodist. Don't yell at me. I have reasons for saying pseudo. It being easy is not why I long to return. That comfortable, easy feeling is why. Someone has to shake things up. Someone has to talk about holiness, the Holy Spirit...and dare I say that big, scary Wesleyan word. Dare I say...perfection

So, today Georgia is on my mind. It was yesterday. It will be tomorrow. I am coming home. Soon enough. And when I do, I hope to create some waves. Maybe they'll want to run me out after a year. That would make for a good story. To dream. Georgia would still be on my mind. 

Home upon home, 

20 February 2009

Photo Friday

LaGrange, GA
Summer 2007

So damn cute, 

18 February 2009

Etsy Feature: Tippythai

I searched high and low for a new purse. More like a larger carryall. Messenger style if applicable. Had to be crossbody. Heavy duty fabric (hemp/cotton in this case). Pockets inside. Functional with a little dash of fun. And finally I found a favorite. The seller did a special order because I liked a certain style but wanted it in another color. Combine the style of picture one with the fabric of picture two. The others are just styles I like. Because of all my research and comparison shopping, I know Tippythai has the best prices. Even if she does produce and ship from Thailand. Check her out. Really great quality and price. Two thumbs up. Totally.
This purple crossbody messenger will be my new favorite accessory for traveling. Promise. Let me know if you have a favorite shop on Esty. It is my favorite way distraction. 

Functional upon fun,

17 February 2009

The Big O

One might think this is going to be a story about my experience at the Vagina Monologues on Sunday night. Everyone say it with me, "Vagina!" Though it was a wonderful experience with lots of laughter and awareness, I am talking about the other Big O.

Oprah. That would be the one and only Ms. Winfrey. She was spotted in Nashville on Saturday. Yes, that would be on Valentine's Day. Dining at a posh spot? You might ask? No. On Whitebridge (not the swanky part of town by a long shot) trying to get a table at J. Alexander's. Come on O, even you need reservations on a big night like Valentine's Day.  They turned her away in essence with their 90 minute wait. I hear she was repeating over and over, "We just don't have no 90 minutes." But politely. Of course. As she was preparing to leave and out in the parking lot, the manager rushed outside and informed the Big O of a oh-so-convenient table opening. Though she and her party went back inside, it my understanding that she really wanted BBQ. Don't we all? (FYI: Nashville is where her father and step mother reside. So, there is a reason for her to be here.)

And, the normal sighting of Keith and Nicole around town on V-Day. They were hanging in their favorite area, Green Hills. A movie date if I recall.

So, here's to the Big O and her visiting my little town. Nashville will never be the same. Right.

Celebrities upon celebrities,

16 February 2009


Dear Friends,

I am issuing a challenge. Kinda like a contest, but I have no money and thus can't offer a prize. So, I am calling it a challenge

What is the craziest thing you have found for sale on ETSY? And if not for sale, craziest prop to display the item for sale. Search hard. There are some weird things. You know what I'm talking about. If you need inspiration, follow the Newly Listed Items with the 15 second updater near the bottom of the home page. It is a treasure chest. Paste the link of the item in the comment section. I will name a winner soon. Play along. I need some entertainment. I have many-o-assignments due soon. Please distract. 

And if you don't know about the goodness that is ETSY, this is your opportunity. It is amazing. One day I will feature my favorites. I have made some darn good purchases. Warning: It is addictive! Once you start searching and exploring, it is really hard to stop. Trust me. 

Some favorites:
1. The six year old who has his own shop. What might he be selling? His "drawings"...for $20-30 
2. The scary mannequin heads used to display hats. 
3. And current best, Zombie Ballerina Figurine!

Please play along. Share! I want to see what crazy things y'all find. All in good fun. Promise.

Crazy upon crazy,

14 February 2009

In honor of this special day...

If you want to buy my love, here are some good ideas. 

Just saying.

11 February 2009

Photo Wednesday*

Christmas 2008
LaGrange, GA

How perfect is this picture? 
Perfect. I know.

Joy upon joy,

*The parents are coming this weekend. Bless them. Bless me. I am doing Photo Friday early because I am entertaining...and totally being spoiled. 

10 February 2009

Long Tuesday

  • 5:30-6:30 am: Wake Up and Get Ready
  • 6:30-6:50 am: Drive to Panera
  • 7:00-8:00 am: Read and Eat Breakfast at Panera
  • 8:00-9:00 am: Covenant Discipleship Group
  • 9:10-10:00 am: History of Religion in America
  • 10:100-11:00 am: Constructive Theology II
  • 11:00-12:00 pm: Study, Read, Procrastinate
  • 12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch with Emily
  • 1:10-3:00 pm: United Methodist Theology
  • 3:10-5:00 pm: Mission of the Church in the World
  • 5:00-5:25 pm: Pick Up Soup at Panera, Drive to Church, Eat Soup (extremely quickly)
  • 5:30-6:30 pm: Church Meeting (that I left early)
  • 6:40-7:00 pm: Drive Home
  • 7:00-Now pm: Ponder-What The HELL Have I Gotten Myself Into?, Maybe Read and Study
  • Bed by 9:30 pm: Due to Exhaustion from the Above
Do you feel sorry for me? Such a long day. And Thursdays are very similar. Oh yeah, did I mention this is my schedule for most Tuesdays? All about pacing myself. At least that is what I tell myself.

Pace upon pace,

09 February 2009

Just can't seem to get it right today...

Isn't that the truth. 
It surely was a Monday on a Monday. 

07 February 2009

I was healed by a drag queen...

Don't judge. Don't try to understand. Just know that about 60 colleagues, professors, and I went to dinner, then dancing, and to a drag show last night. Yes. It is amazing. It is fun. It is about community.

I am an ally. Maybe some day I will more fully unpack this part of my...being. It is part of the way I create, build, and sustain relationships. Being an ally is incarnational to having "open hearts, open minds, and open doors." That is why I attend "Dinner, Dance, and Drag" annually.

Best part of the night: A drag queen "healed" me. Miss Carmella singled me out in the crowd (we were super close to the stage) and asked about my group. I responded, "We are from Vanderbilt Divinity School." She (yes, you use the female pronoun) asked, like most, "What the f--- is that?" Me, I say, "We're your future preachers!" In her best televangelist impersonation, she hits my forehead and pronounced me healed. The place went wild. Amazing. So fun.

Drag upon drag,

ps: Miss Carmella is featured in the first three pictures!

04 February 2009

Living for the weekend...

Three Words: 

Ponder that!

03 February 2009

instead of studying...

The first big exam of the semester is on Thursday. No fun. I would like to return to Bath. Right now. Instead I have to wait until the end of May. That's right. I am taking another trip to England. This will include the real Wesleyan tour. Me and 26 other Methodists from VDS. Yes, that's what we consider fun. Loads of it. 

But it is not May. It is February. Darn cold. And I have an exam. Never an enjoyable experience. On to studying. All 25 pages that comprise the study guide. Bless me. Bless my colleagues. With wisdom and insight. And bless those who grade it. With mercy and kindness. 

Grace upon grace,

01 February 2009

Roll call?

Dearest friends,

Who are you?  I mean that in the nicest possible way. Promise. Nevertheless, my little stat counter at the bottom of the page tells me where you are from. I even have a map that pin points where you visit from. So cool, I know. Or creepy. You pick. 

But who are you? I know one person in England, but who are the others who visit me regularly from there? And from CA? And IN? And those few folks from FL? And those outside of Nashville in TN?

I just want to know you more. Call it curiosity. I love my little blogging community. You reduce my stress on a daily basis. More importantly, providing glimpses into other life experiences. So, thanks. Lots. 

Just requesting a roll call. Leave me a message. Let me know about your blog (especially, if I don't already read it often). 

Blog upon blog,