30 April 2009


This is me in a charcoal mask.

I willingly put a charcoal mask on my face. Something about making my pores smaller. I do have big pores. Let's hope for the best. 

I love when mommy comes to town. Spoiled! But Origins made it easy. Everything is 25% off. Mom got Ginger body spray. I got a charcoal mask and oil control facial lotion.  I am a sweater. No, I am not a knitted wool shirt. I sweat. Lots.  In the summer. I am a sweater, hence the pore minimizer and oil reducing lotion. 

Thanks, mommy. Enjoy the perfume. I am trying to be as b-e-a-utiful as you. So natural. I guess those genes skipped over me. 

Unclogging those pores,

28 April 2009

One Happy Hour

Me joyous.  Me in sunshine. Me laughing. Me less stressed. Me drinking (just a little, Mom). Me at the end of a semester. 

I like to consider this my natural state. What a Happy Hour! Thanks to all who celebrated with me. 


27 April 2009

The result...

...of finals.

The blurriness is appropriate!
This is not trash. 
It is my recycling. 
See, I remain committed to saving the earth 
while in the midst of stress.
No pickup. So, it builds up.
It will be gone today.
Nevertheless, a wonderful example of the last two weeks.

Feel free to judge me by what you see. I did eat all the Goldfish in that big container. I don't like Diet Coke, but it was free. And yes, that is a bumper sticker of the UMC slogan on my recycling bin. I had to put it somewhere. 


25 April 2009

Going back to find...

My sanity?

So close to freedom. Another semester put to bed. When I get in this space, that space of being so damn close you no longer have the energy to type that last paragraph, I have this song on rotation in my mind. But I am not going to Georgia. Georgia is coming to me. Not the whole state, but probably my favorite person who lives in that state. That would be the Mom. Yes, the woman who birthed me. And one of the best friends I have. She is coming to hold my hand, help me clean my apartment (right, Moms?), spoil me, love me, laugh, eat, sleep, walk in the sunshine, probably shop, pedicures are on the check list, and just be. But not until Wednesday. So, I just let this song play on repeat. 

Focus to finish,

24 April 2009

Photo Friday: Reward

Black Cherry Danish
Alpha Bakery
Nashville, TN
April 2009

Just a little reward as I finish finals.

Bless me,

21 April 2009

Living on...

And if you thought love, you were wrong. 
Maybe some grace.
But mostly just naps.

These most often happen on my couch.
I don't want to leave my work station.
The first thing my eyes see: the ceiling fan. 
But it is there. 

Then I notice the stack of books.
The growing stack of books to complete my massive UM Theology paper.
Double groan.

Then there is that blue sky.
And bright shining sun.
With just a hint of breeze.
This when I consider no longer being a student.
Running away.

Living on...naps...and some grace,

20 April 2009

What did you do today?

Please tell me it was more exciting than this. Studying. No, really. Share. I need some distraction. Lord, help me. I will make it to Saturday around 5ish. 

Bless my student heart,

18 April 2009

Low on Words

Dearest Blog Buddies,

I have been low on words of late. Not that I don't have a thousand things going through my mind. Like how I am now meeting with the new president of my undergrad because I sent him a congratulatory email. I mean, he does live in Nashville. So the meet and greet is no stretch, but how do I get myself into these situations? Bright side? I get to reminisce about one of my favorite places on earth. I want to write about the recent email exchange with a professor. Didn't end well. I was a little hurt by his analysis of tradition...and some remarks he made about my tradition. Or I could go on and on about my email exchange withPeacebang. (Look back at the post about the blog who "comments" on clergy clothing.) Let's be honest, these were not just exchanges. They border on mini fights. Spats of sort. 

But I've been short on words. Let me get through the semester. And then I will still need a week. I write all the time. Paper after paper. Outline after outline. Word after word. Most days that is all I do...use words. So, once again I offer a little glimpse into my life through pictures. Not words. Good old visual stimulation. Enjoy. 

The below come from our end of the year dinner at school. Local grown food. Earth day theme. Art making. Beer drinking. Sustainable minded. Nothing says spring like flowers and beer. Oh yeah...and fellowship. I am part of one great community.

Low on words,

17 April 2009

Photo Friday

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
April 2009


ps: Yes. Yes, indeed. It says "YUMMY."

14 April 2009

Easter Friends

Aren't they cute?

I surround myself with beautiful people. 

Only the best. 

joy upon joy,

ps: Look at the green shoes in the first picture. I love mixing colors. 

13 April 2009


I got posted on Cakewrecks! I love this blog. Makes me laugh. 


12 April 2009

Potlucking People

What a way to celebrate. Food and fellowship as a means of renewing grace. 

Joining together. Shouting and singing the long awaited "alleluias" of God's reign.

Finally. We are resurrection people. 

Good news abounds,

05 April 2009

A storm is rolling in...

...in so many ways.

And for these reasons I am taking the week off. 

May it be a week of reflection. 

And I give you permission...

...to mourn.
....to cry.
...to wait. 
...to long for redemption.

There is a storm rolling in. 
It will last a week. 
But we are resurrection people...

...just not yet. 
...not yet. 

One week,

My divinity school is better than yours...

Enjoy the following highlights from Friday's Gala 2009...

Nothing like professors providing the live music, dancing in all my white girl glory, a cake worthy of CW, maybe an open bar, and the list continues...

Dance upon dance,

ps: Yes! We are your future pastors, preachers, and religious leaders. I have high hopes. 

04 April 2009

Gala 2009

Kick ass dress?- Check!

Dancing shoes?-Check!

Fancy earrings?-Check!

Damn good time?-Check!

Stress free...if only for one night...

03 April 2009

Photo Friday: Birthday Tribute

April 3, 1984-Today
WV to Ohio to Talmo to Jackson County to LaGrange to Macon

Dearest Roommate,

I really wanted to pull out high school pictures, but I am not cruel. I mean, not that cruel. 

When I tell people that I had the same roommate for four years...well, they are dumbfounded. Then I explain we have been friends since middle school (yes bloggies, middle school). I love you. Deeply. You get it. You get me. Thank goodness someone does. 

Now, let's cover some of our phases: 
1. Haymore's Class=Second Home (Praise Jesus! We would have not made it through senior year.)
2. Boys suck! Throw rocks at them! (That didn't last. See photo #1.)
3. Gilmore Girls (Still wish that was our life. Around age 60 we will get another opportunity to watch together.)
4. Bugs (The only time I really wanted to divorce you. Maybe. Nah. They did smell. Badly.)
5. BEAT sits between Boy and Girl while watching House (So glad the Boy was willing to put up with me. He misses me. You and I know the truth!)
6. Did you know ovaries feel like peeled grapes? (Recent phase. So damn funny. I am so happy you are going to be the rich one.)

There are so many other stages. Really, how many times have you wanted to divorce me? As much as I love you, I am the biggest pain in the ass. How do you do it? 

The depth of our relationship is only something we know. Saturday morning wake-ups. Cry fests with your head in my lap. Stress busting by cleaning. Long drives accompanied by Wendy's. Speaking of, there are those oh-so-comforting crab and cheese ragoons. Notecards. Milk with ice. You freeze. I'm hot. The truth about family dynamics. RA rounds. Email exchanges. Easy bake oven. Camping chair therapy. 

I am grateful for your friendship. I am lucky. This world is blessed by having you on it. You care about people. Praise God that you are going to be a doctor. A good doctor. Loving. Caring. Kind. Compassionate. 

Once again, why didn't you divorce me? Especially sophomore year. 

Happy Birthday! Don't be mad about the bat picture above. And I was skinny once upon a time. I mean as skinny as I can be with a linebacker's frame. 

Thanks for loving me. I cannot do it without you. I mean it. Always, forever and forever, always. 

ps: Phase 7. Let's play dress up... (Probably my favorite phase because it continues.)