26 February 2010

Photo Friday

I debated for weeks whether to share the below picture. In my mind it is graphic. I am sorry if it upsets any readers. This is a therapeutic moment for me. I am confronting the realty of what was and what is. Everyday continues a quest for hope. Within the ashes...may there be hope? And a coming peace that I cannot imagine? If I was praying these days, that would be my prayer. A prayer for hope and peace...

What Was My Home
Nashville, TN
January 2o, 2010

God's hope. God's peace.

14 February 2010

I and Love and You

It has been a while. There's a story. But it still makes me cry. I may tell it. I may not.

I'm making it...hour by hour. Yep. I'm still at hour by hour.

Sorry to be ambiguous. My emotions are on the surface. And these emotions make me tired. So tired.

Still processing the loss...

ps: I and love and you. Because I've got some good folk surrounding me.