30 October 2009

Photo Friday

Church folks with funny glasses. And yes, that would be my father.

26 October 2009

Why I want a puppy?

How can I not want a puppy? Look at this cuteness. This is the the Brother's oldest puppy, Girl. Girl is the sweetest and most sincere puppy. Just to clarify, the Mom did this to Girl. Girl did not fuss. She spent a whole hour in this outfit. What a sport! I am a blessed Aunt to have the lovely Girl in my life. We do love this puppy.

I want a puppy. Badly.

23 October 2009

Photo Friday

The Brother
Nashville, TN
October 2009

So creepy. Maybe I should have saved this for next week's Halloween edition?

22 October 2009

More than 30 seconds?

My brother recently commented that it only takes 30 seconds to read my blog. Have I been lacking substance? Too many pictures? (What? I like pictures.)

Maybe I am tired of words. Yes, I know I am a talker. (Go ahead. Laugh.) I write constantly. I think continually. And I talk. Constantly and continually. Put those things together and I arrive at disliking words.

I want to share those thoughts. I don't do all this thinking for nothing. Maybe you didn't come here to hear about God. Well, find another blog. I'm going to talk about God because I think about God about...80% of the day. Let's all remember, I am getting a degree about the Divine. Getting kinda tired of reading about my friends? That is about 7% of my thinking. The other 13% is consumed with family, future, and food. (I like food. I really like good food.) The future thoughts are starting to take up more and more time as graduation and the hopes of commissioning loom nearer and closer.

Maybe Photo Friday will be joined by Thursday Thought? Or Soapbox Sunday? These thoughts will consume me if I don't get them on paper...err screen. I am tired of words, but the words are not tired of me. This is the tension that I struggle with when blogging. I have substance. And I want my words to be worth more than 30 seconds.

Working on it.

ps: These pictures are some highlights of my birthday dinner. Oh the laughter. And the trash talking. Plus the lovely kissing and hugging...and grabbing?

20 October 2009

Embarrassing Lane

...I mean Memory Lane.

As I celebrate my day of birth, my mother thought it would be a good idea to embarrass myself. Wait, I mean spread the cuteness that was BEAT in her younger years. So enjoy.

Here are some jewels from the past. Most of these are near Halloween. Many of my birthdays parties had a Halloween theme.

Let the embarrassment...I mean fun...begin.

Happy birthday to me!

ps: Picture Set 2 features my brother and I fulfilling our dreams of being professional wrestlers. Picture Set 4 does have me sitting on the toilet and in isolation (or Time-Out). And Picture Set 5 best displays the early signs of my shamelessness.

19 October 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

And this my friends, summarizes the weekend.

Isn't she cute?

14 October 2009


The family is coming for a visit. The big game is this weekend! Go Dawgs! Beat Vandy!

Let's clarify. The whole family. All three of my immediate family members are descending upon Nashville. This has not happened since Thanksgiving 2007.

I made reservations for a nice restaurant and sent the info to the Mom. My birthday is coming soon. Real soon. And I like to take advantage of those who have more money than myself. Not just more money, but I like to share good food with those I love. And did I mention my birthday is coming up? Of course I am going to pick a yummy place for the annual "Birthday Dinner."

In response to my email, the Mom sent the below picture to express her joy and elation. She
really, truly thought this picture would get me excited. This is her convincing evidence?

Dearest Mommy, you need to work harder.
I am scared and nervous now. I am so very
glad I just got a new bottle of Excedrin Migraine.
All my love, Your Favorite Daughter

ps: I am excited. This picture gave me a slight moment of pause. Bring on the fun, food, and family.
pps: I will update y'all once they leave. Promise.

11 October 2009

Real and Presentable

The REAL Us:


What a weekend. What a good weekend. What a good, good weekend.

09 October 2009

Photo Friday: Bestie Edition, Part 2

BEAT and Megs of Red Cottage Life
Nashville, TN
October 2007

Megs is here for her annual visit! And this one is going to be the best...and last...in Nashville.

Here's to laughing, eating, and watching Lifetime.

07 October 2009


...birthday gift. Thanks mom and dad.

I more than love it.

ps: The Vintage Pearl rocks!

06 October 2009


I am not on drugs. Well, I am on prescription drugs. My brain feels like it is sizzling. I've had a sinus related headache for three days. It is past the point of a headache. I've had a low grade fever. I think we are into migraine territory.

This is my brain. (Hold up egg.) And this is my brain during seasonal changes. (Crack egg in the pan.) Sizzle. Sizzle.

Another night of going to bed early.