25 June 2010

Photo Friday: Newspaper Puppy

My Holy Terror. Good thing she is so cute.

24 June 2010

Two Months: In Pictures

In no certain order.

19 June 2010

Two Months

To play catch up? Or just go from here? I guess updates would be nice. How about a little list? Or a long list? I am sure additions and amendments are to come. Check back.
  1. I graduated. Most days I thought it wouldn't happen, but it did.
  2. I survived a flood. No house damage, but I was without power and water locked for over 48 hours. Best part? (Hint of sarcasm.) It was during final's week.
  3. Broke up with Nashville. It had to be done. We just were not a good fit. I will visit. One day. Many months from now. I still know some quality people in the area.
  4. Once again, I had to say good-bye to friends. From Kansas to Nashville to Atlanta and Athens, we scattered around this big ole country. I miss them dearly.
  5. Said hello to the familiar. Moved back to Georgia. The parents are adjusting to having a child back in the house. Bless them.
  6. Went on a glorious vacation to the beach. 8 days in the sun. And guess what? I only burned on the last day. This was a BIG accomplishment.
  7. And then went on vacation for another few days to the lake. With much gladness, this retreat was interrupted with two big announcements.
  8. My puppy! I got the cutest puppy, a lovely and ever chewing basset-beagle mix. She is loud. She fights sleep. Growing like a weed. My little sugar lump lump is named Marigold Francis. Have no idea if I will ever have children, so I gave her a middle name.
  9. And, the number two development is that I got a job. The last four, now five months have been a tiresome mixture of grief, sadness, trauma, heart break, and processing. I will be the local pastor for two churches in the Athens area. My excitement is contagious. My commitment to the church remains strong. I just want to serve and love God's people. And that is what I will be doing. I start at the end of the month. And yes, I will preach at both churches each Sunday.
  10. Life is finding a new rhythm. That's the best way to describe the current moment and mood.
Continued peace,

ps: Meet Marigold!