29 June 2009

Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog

Please see this most amazing post EVER from one of my favorite blogs. I want a hound dog so badly. I've been considering it for years. I turned away for a while. Considering other options. One of those gourmet dogs as I like to call them. You know what I'm talking about. Some breed mixed with another breed to make a super breed.

Like I said, look at this cute puppy. These pictures are so lovely. Lovely and funny. Funny and adorable. Adorable and I want one so badly.

My mom said, "Not until you have a permanent spot." Right. Like my lifestyle and future career shouts permanent.

A year from this Christmas. A year from this Christmas, and I will have my hound dog. I even have names. Have had them for years. If a boy, Eddie. The formal name would be Edison. And a girl, Marigold. And no, Goldie will not be her pet name. Get it, pet name. She will go by Marigold.

Here's to hoping and dreaming,

26 June 2009

Photo Friday

Alvin Lingenfelter
Costa Rica
April 2004

I was looking through old pictures and found this one. Since I got to spend some time with my old professor last week, this oldie but goodie seemed fitting. Wanna meet his awesome family? Check them out HERE. Coolest kids ever.

Pura Vida,

23 June 2009

9 Pints

Yesterday was one of those learning experiences. You read right. Multiple moments of learning. First hospital visit. First "birthday" party.* First shrug off. First open arms, coming running at you hug.

All those firsts tell you lots about ministry. You never know what ministry is. I know, I know. It doesn't make much sense. But you can't classify ministry. What is. What isn't. Me stopping in the hall to hear about an upcoming doctor's visit is just as urgent as the visit to the hospital of the individual receiving the ninth pint of blood in less than 48 hours.

One may seem more important. It may just seem that way. But not to the person. Not to the face. Not to the shaking voice worried about results. Or not to the gleeful smile wanting to share about winning BINGO.

The thing I've learned most: age. You can't judge anything by age. Of more accurately speaking, I can't guess age. I've met more centenarians than I can count. Literally. And non of them look or act it. I love it. I love the surprise. Oh, you're a 103? You don't say. Oh, you just celebrated 101? I can only hope. Always a pleasant surprise.

Other things that have me leaning outside the comfort of what I know:
1. Leading singing. Me, the one who can't carry a note. I am leading hymns.
2. Spacial barriers. You have to get close. Touch. Hold hands. Get face-to-face. Eye to eye. Mouth to ear. Yell even. It's not a might; it is a must.
3. I wish life would have granted me more time with my grandparents.

Learning daily, daily learning,

*They have monthly "birthday" parties and everyone comes. There is cake involved. And singing. Maybe even a little dancing. When is the last time you did the Twist?

21 June 2009


Have you ever sent a secret to Postsecret? I have. There. I said it. But I'm not going to tell you. I think the above video is interesting and very true. We struggle with the public and private self. I struggle with this continually. More than ever I feel like I need secrets. I say need because I am so public. We are all so public. I need things that others don't know about. That are just mine. Something other. Not yours. But mine.

Yet that becomes lonely. Maybe not lonely...but secretive. Or lonely.

Is there a happy medium?

Just wondering,

20 June 2009

Photo Friday: Better Late Than Never

Lake Oconee, GA
June 2009

My favorite place on earth. Really. The Mom and I spent the day there. Maybe a little sunburnt. The breeze makes it all worth it.

So lovely,

18 June 2009

Editorial: Methodists bring fellowship, economic boost

People like us. They really like us. Maybe...mostly...because we bring the money. But I will take it.

Being Methodist,

Editorial: Methodists bring fellowship, economic boost | Opinion | OnlineAthens.com

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14 June 2009

The Good Mr. Wesley

Wesley Christmas Tree Ornament-check!
Wesley Tea Cup-check!
Wesley Coaster-check!
Wesley Keychain-check!
Wesley Postcard-check!
Wesley Bookmark-check!

Don't judge. Some of these incredible finds are gifts. (Maybe.) If I can part with them. 

I will proudly drink out of that tea cup for the rest of my days. I did buy an extra in case something happens to the first one. Like I said, don't judge. 

The ornament, in particular, is special. I got one of Charles, too. The only difference you may ask? The hair color. Quality. 

I love being extra touristy. I guess only I truly understand how the thoughts, sermons, actions, and attitudes of the good Mr. Wesley really changed this world. Or only I create the rationale to buy these things to honor Mr. Wesley's work. 

It requires homage. At least in my mind. 

Cheers to the good Mr. Wesley,

12 June 2009

Photo Friday

Georgia Belle
(The Brother's New Puppy)
June 2009

So damn cute...

Ps: The cuteness just keeps coming...

11 June 2009

Music of the Moment: Modern Skirts

Modern Skirts

I love this group. Maybe it is because they are an Athens favorite. Enjoy!

ps: Learn more HERE.

09 June 2009


Amazing. Life changing amazing. I heart Saved by the Bell. 

Watch and be changed. Can't wait for the reunion!

08 June 2009

The Old Folks Home

Not really. Not at all. Well, sorta. But don't let anyone know I said it. 

I am starting a new internship today! I will be the Student Chaplain at McKendree Village. I will be ministering to those in independent, assisted, dementia, and rehabilitation living situations. This means chapel services, bible studies, visitations, maybe funerals, breakfasts, hanging by the elevators for people watching (this is a big part of my j-o-b), listening, listening some more, and being present for the staff. Hopefully I will obtain a whole new skill set. 

I will be updating you over the next nine weeks. I am really excited. And nervous. 

Send me your good vibes for my first day! 

ps: Check it out! McKendree Village!

06 June 2009

Words Can Hurt

While in Salisbury, my group took a tour of the tower. 300 and some odd steps to the top of the Cathedral. Finally reaching the final platform that allowed us to look out onto the town, I was hurt by some words. Winding staircases, 300 and some odd steps to the top, and it took one sentence to ruin the adventure. Words that reminded me of deep feelings and insecurities. Words can hurt. Words do hurt. 

After going out the first small door onto a balcony to look out the tower, our tour guide directed us back in and pointed to another door. Walking toward the next balcony, the tour guide looks at me and says, "You've had one too many full English breakfasts. You're too big to fit on this balcony." The tears could  immediately be felt. That deep stinging feeling at the back of the eyes. I had to look away. I had to walk away. One sentence with the words "too many" and "full" put me over the edge. My feelings were hurt. 

The tour guide told other members of my group they could not go onto the balcony. These were guys. And he didn't look them up and down before saying anything. Nor did he mention eating habits to them. It is funny how the smallest of actions or words can hurt someone. I should know this by now. I do it more often than I realize. Not only does it make you feel insecure because your personal dignity is wounded, it hurts because those words are said with such little consideration. Such little thought. Even when you think you're doing the right thing or being cautious, words can hurt. The tour guide probably thought he was being cautious because he knew I couldn't go onto the balcony because the tower had leaned over the years, making it impossible for some to fit on the narrow lookout. 
His words still hurt. I found myself obsessing about my weight the rest of the trip. Using my bag to cover parts I do not like in pictures. Sucking it in. Not liking myself because of one sentence. One thought. One cautious remark that carried more weight than my tour guide could ever realize. I find myself obsessing still. At this very moment. And regretting. I am regretting my words, sentences, and thoughts that have hurt others. 

Someone in particular of recent days. Words of caution and concern still hurt. And for that, I am sorry. 

Words can hurt. My words can hurt.

05 June 2009

Photo Friday

Salisbury Cathedral
May 2009

One of my favs from the trip,

04 June 2009

A tease...

Back. Tired. Need sleep. Fun. 600+ pictures of amazing awesomeness. 

Wesley. Oh those Wesleys. Lots-o-Wesleys. 

Much peace,

01 June 2009

Remember me?

Just checking.

ps: Be back in town around June 4ish.